Essay on Teaching Methods Of Note Taking

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At most universities, lecture style classrooms are very common (Blankenship, M.W., 2016). A lecture setting is when the educator stands at the front of the class room and does most of the speaking. Sometimes they utilize power points or handouts to help facilitate learning. Comprehending what is taught during lecture is important in academic success. There are many different ways to help improve retention rates, but one common practice used among 99% of college students is note taking (Palmatier & Bennett, 1974). Note taking is said to benefit students in two different ways. Taking notes helps to aid in the encoding and external storage processes of learning. (Di Vesta & Gray, 1972). Encoding is the effective processing of new material and drawing similarities between the new and prior knowledge (Bretzing & Kulhavy, 1979). External Storage is less focused on the physical action of note taking and more concerned with the advantages of having the notes for review (Blankenship, 2016). Studying methods of note taking is important for the achievement of students. Knowing which style of note taking is most beneficial should increase over all academic achievement.
There are many different ways in which students can take notes, but the most commonly examined are handwritten and typed (Blankenship, 2016). A study conducted by Nancy M. Aguilar Roca, Adrienne Williams, and Diane K. O’Dowd analyzed the impact on academic performance of using a laptop to take notes versus paper (2012).…

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