Cursive Writting Should Be Taught In Public Schools Essay

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Public schools should allow students to learn and write in cursive as a required part of curriculum because it helps students retain information, helps with motor-skills, and allows teachers to learn about disorders or brain injuries that students could have.
First, cursive writting should be taught in public schools because it helps children retain information. Cursive writing is usually taught in 1st and 2nd grade witch allows students to look at letters and easily recognize them. in the article 'Cursive Is A Powerful Brain Tool' it states "writing by hand helps individuals remeber ideas better then typing... Psychologists found students learn more if they handwrote notes instead of typing them... It requires students to summarize ideas rather than simply recording every word the teacher says." This quote from the passage explains that when students write down in there own words what their teacher is saying there is a better chance of them retainng the information they where given.
Next, students should be taught cursive hand writing because it helps with
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in the Article 'Cursive Is A Powerful Brain Tool' it states "Learning cursive doesn't only help the brain become stronger. It may also help individuals reduce the effects of brain injury or weekness. Cursive is a common teaching tool for kids with dyslexia, a reading disorder. Handwriting is also used for identifying bran disorders...some people whose brain injuries prevent them from reading and writing print or type are still able to read or write cursive." In the following quote it shows that learning to write in cursive can allow teachers to become aware of any brain injury or disorder that may be keeping the student from learning, also, it shows that for students with reading disorders learning cursive can be a easier way for them to perform in

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