Comparing Printing And Cursive In School

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I am in the position of supporting the requirement for learning cursive in school. I may be biased because as a child, in early grades such as first and second, I was taught both printing and cursive. I remember my second grade teacher allowed us to choose between printing and cursive to finish standard writing assignments; though when sending us home with assignments specifically designed for learning cursive, we were required to complete those in cursive. My experience with using cursive allowed me to find my own rhythm and artistic design of the letters, along with focusing specifically on the even flow of the words, forcing me to be precise and fluid so that they were legible to both myself and other readers. Using cursive was enjoyable, …show more content…
I then fell into the expected and "normal" practice of printing, and eventually typed more after that. I support the reinstatement of cursive requirements, because it was a truly enjoyable experience and I feel the practice of it helped me to develop my own individual style as well as retain the information I was being taught. The fact that psychologists have found that we students learn more from handwriting notes instead of typing, supports the facts from my experience. I can fully understand how the practice of using your hands to jot things down would require greater use of your brain and a deeper memory of what you're actually writing down. I knew a dyslexic girl who struggled greatly with writing and spelling while printing, and once introduced to cursive, she was better able to function fully and retain the information that the rest of us were being taught. This supports the passage when saying that the act of practicing cursive does in fact aid in the development and stimulation of both parts of the brain, as well as assist as a teaching tool for students with dyslexia and other brain

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