Teaching Is An Important Role For Students Essay

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Teaching is an important role for students to be educated and prepared for their everyday life in their future. When it comes to teaching, the focus should be to make learning fun and enjoyable, so the students are motivated to want to learn and remember what it is that they are learning. There has to be a lot dedication, preparing, and flexibility when dealing with students on different developmental levels. The ways of teaching have changed drastically since I was in school and are continuing to change throughout the years. The services that are available for the students have also grown drastically and this great to see that there are many options for the students to get the help they need and their needs met.
When it comes to a self-centered classroom it is important for students to learn to collaborate and work together, so they can learn new ideas, thoughts, and techniques from each other. To form a self- centered classroom the teacher should allow the students to have control and to let them make decisions about what the appropriate classroom rules would be. This way they know the rules and they could be willing to follow them since they were a part of coming up with them. When I had my interview with my host teacher she talked about her large group activities she does on the rug with her students, and they do turn and talks, so the students can talk about a topic and also get to know each other more (personal communication, November 4, 2016). Along with…

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