Essay on Teaching Is A Valued Profession

759 Words Dec 14th, 2015 4 Pages
In today’s society, I like to believe that teaching is a valued profession, but you could say that my opinion is biased. There are people who have the same opinion as me, but there are some who disagree with it. I feel like in the early years of society, they didn’t really care for this profession, let alone education. When it all started till now, the opinions are teaching has changed, but you don’t always feel like people value it as much as us teachers or future teachers. In the world today, we only see the challenges that come with being a teacher. In the media, you see fights, you see students disrespecting teachers, you hear the stories, but you never really hear about the successes that come with teaching. I feel like there always more successes then the challenges, but Americans only see one perspective that the media plays up. Another thing that gets shown is budget cuts and how teachers don’t have enough money for supplies or things like that, but I want to see more of the success stories; the stories that get left behind. When it comes to evaluating teachers, I find it hard to evaluate all the teachers the same because we all have different teaching styles and habits that fit will for our class, but the evaluators may not see it that way. Also test scores are another way that evaluates teachers, but I feel like test scores don’t say much about how a teacher teaches in a classroom. Test scores don’t say the number of hours teachers spend outside of the classroom…

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