Teaching Experience In The Classroom

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I was asked one time, if given a super teaching power what would it be? Instantly I replied telepathy, because if I could know the many needs of my students, I could design appropriate instruction that would best fit their needs. With proper instruction the classroom environment is supportive of diverse learners, students are actively engaged in the lesson, and students’ ideas are respected and explored. Without this great respect for learning, the students’ problem behaviors emerge and become part of a negative classroom environment. Good instruction begins with proper planning. Each lesson must be carefully thought-out to insure students acquire the necessary skills to move forward and build on the curriculum. Lessons must have a beginning, …show more content…
The teacher then gives brief directions to walk into the classroom quietly and begin working on the DO NOW on the board. Many students had to be pulled out of the line to have a talking to. I pulled some students off to have a quick talk about their attitude and behavior. When I get back to the classroom, the students seemed to be in trouble for not coming into the classroom silently and beginning their work. The students sat irritated as the teacher and dean yelled at them for nearly five minutes. This is a grave waste of classroom instructional time. I would like to note that this is this teacher’s first year teaching and that many of these mistakes come from a place of learning. As the teacher speaks to the students her tone is very irritated, loud and harsh. She is obviously giving the students a tremendous amount of attitude. This attitude is reflected back to the teacher in the students’ demeanor and comments under their breath directed at their teacher. The students are in a negative mood as they begin their assignment. Many are sleeping or choosing not to do the work. The teacher walks around assisting students and taking away behavior points for students who are not working well. Her comments for the students are condescending, such as “welcome yourself to a -2, would you like a -5? You’re welcome.” This results in the students doing …show more content…
When dealing with students and behavior management, I choose to use a method of conversation. I consistently use please and thank you to the students to ensure that we have a relationship of mutual respect. When a student is being purposely defiant I speak to them outside of the classroom in order to remove them from the classroom stage and have a private conversation between two learners. In this time I begin with a quick restatement of what happened, what went wrong and conflict resolution statement. It is important to relate this back to their education and the greater good for their future. It is truly important to have close relationships with your students in order to build strong bonds. Students will work in a supportive environment that is respectful to their voices, their opinion and their learning style. Without this mutual respect students will continue to act out and disrupt the learning. I choose not to yell in my classroom because if I am yelling than the students will believe that is the norm in the classroom; that we yell at each other to get our points across. This is counterproductive, we must model the good behavior we would like the students to exhibit. If we do not do this we are setting up our classroom to become unproductive working grounds that will continuingly be battling grounds

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