Teaching At Foley Elementary School For My Field Experience Essay

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As of now I am currently student teaching at Foley Elementary school for my field experience. During my time there I have experienced and learned a lot from my cooperative teacher and the other staff members. Foley Elementary is quite a large school; in fact it is the biggest elementary school in the state of Alabama, so keeping the students healthy, safe, and on the right track for learning is important. Two of the people who help accomplish this are the school nurse and speech pathologist. The school nurse and speech pathologist make up a team that supports and provides the students with extra resources and help that a teacher may not be able to provide in the regular classroom. In a school there are so many people who are there to educate, support, and care for children. Two of this people are the school nurse and the speech pathologist. It is their job to keep our children healthy and make them successful. I have had the great pleasure of interviewing these two people and learning about their specific roles and duties and even why they choose their professions.
The school nurse works together with the school administrators and teachers to create a optimal learning environment that meets the mental, physical, and emotional needs of the students. The main job and responsibility for a school nurse is to provide nursing care and health counseling to students and even school staff. Nurses work hard to provide the best health care and to meet the needs of their students. I…

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