Teaching A Mentoring Or Coaching Program For New Managers Essay examples

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Another well-documented approach to improving leadership competencies could be studied, though this organization may not have had the resources (time and personnel) to follow through. This would be to create and study a mentoring or coaching program for new managers. The organization had a preceptor program already, a person for new managers to ask questions, but that program focused on practical application questions (e.g., following processes, asking who to contact, finding forms). While that was useful, the literature review indicated that new managers derive more benefit from having a dedicated mentor or coach, a partner who was focused on the new manager’s continued self-development in leadership competencies.
These last two recommendations in particular would support leaders in learning how to apply their extensive industry skills and knowledge in unique ways, to meet the ever-changing challenges of the evolving health care industry.
One final area for future study may be unrelated to an educational study. This would be to investigate retention (i.e., why do long term employees stay at this organization). This information would help the organization understand why some of their employees do stay, and then leverage that data when hiring and promoting others, with the intention of reducing their turnover rates. This in turn would allow the organization to benefit from longer-term promoted leaders, including more time to develop their leadership skills.
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