Essay Target Segments of Jetstar

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JETSTAR AIRWAYS | MCD 2050 Marketing Major Assignment |

Table of Contents
Executive Summary3
1. Introduction4 1.1Purpose of Report4
1.2 Background of Jetstar4
1.3 Segmentation5
1.4 Plan of Report5
2. Discussion6
2.1 Product Category6
2.2 Major Competitors6
2.3 Brand Package and Label7 2.3.1 Brand7 2.3.2 Package8 2.3.1 Label9
2.4 Target Segments10
2.5 Needs and Wants11
3. Conclusion13
4. Recommendations14
5. Reference List15

Executive Summary
The purpose of the report is to critically review the appropriateness of the services in Jetstar (JS) for the target segment which is identified as leisure travelers. Through extensive research, this report evaluates ideas of
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Defining a product category of goods and services is a continuum between two extreme ends as their characteristics differs immensely. Using Apple Inc. as an example, the products offered are electronics ranging from computer appliances to mobile phone. The different ranges of products offered within Apple are actual goods that can be physically defined, packaged and labelled. However for services, it is a complex process to define its product category as services are intangible. Also, services are inseparable from the providers; it is often depended on the actions of individual making it a variable and lastly, it is perishable, hence, it cannot be stored for later sale or use.
In relevance to JS, transportation of passengers from point A to B is the core service offered. As mentioned, there is only little variation of service category as services focus on core products without any additional service. However, there are additional services that may be offered before, during or after the flight. These additional services can be identified as the different product category offered in JS. In JS, the main product category can be identified as the two variation of cabin class being star class and economy class. Although both cabin classes serve the same purpose of reaching a specific destination, consumers are given the choice to pay more for a luxury seat. Additional service products may include in

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