Swot Analysis Of Qantas Airways

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The global aviation transportation industry continues to increase and develop in market size. With consideration of the continual impacts from alternative competition airlines and perceptions of customer demands, I intend on advancing the Qantas Airways by prioritising a focuss on product planning. I feeling there is a necessity for the airline to focuss on, designing generic products, based on targeting customers within select market segments, to enable product range diversity in air travel services. The purpose for this product strategy is for the airline to engage in improving customer service standards, and increase the market position, in the airline industry correspondingly.

I will inspire the need for Qantas Airways
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I will ensure all these measures are encountered, to increase the benefit of Qantas products and services largely.

With Qantas Airways, known for offering premium travel arrangements and passenger products, ranging from first class, international business class, international economy and premium economy, I will expand each form of passenger travel to accommodate customers with various seating arrangements, inflight services, meals and amenities, in order to contain this premium level. I will also see improvements to the domestic travel arrangements, with having the separate business and economy classes, operating with additional inflight staff engagements, entertainment, and services for passengers.

Qantas Airways augments products with the highest safety and quality services, in which I will invest funding towards enhancement in the aviation and customer service technologies. I will endure towards the airline offering further advancements in the online ticket booking system, along with further sophistication of the flight scheduling information system. Furthermore, I will provide upgrades to the accessibility for passengers online and via direct SMS from Qantas
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For these customers, the airline uses the policy of full fares, to increase its profitability. In order to prompt its products and services, Qantas provides promotional fares to customers in the economy class. The price strategy can largely satisfy different customer needs and maximize Qantas Airways profitability. At the same time, I want Qantas, to establish a competition based strategy, where the airline can monitor its main competitors, and adjust its price in a corresponding way. I can envision the monitoring system as an effective strategy, which can increase flexibility in the pricing of Qantas Airways. The monitoring system can also enable keeping competitive power in the airline

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