Taking Risks Is A Task I Take A Step Out Of My Comfort Zone Essay

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Prompt 1 Taking risks is a task I do not like to partake in as it forces me to take a step out of my comfort zone. When I received this assignment and read the prompt, I realized that it was all about taking risks and that I had no other option but to take a risk myself. However, the risk that I have to take cannot be over any type of social media, but in person with someone whom I have the most complaints about. This is when I decided that I would need to have a mature face-to-face conversation with my sister, who I have not seen for over 5 months since she goes to school in Michigan. The only way I was going to have this conversation with her is if I took the most safe and modest risk possible.
Prompt 2
The safe and modest risk that I took was take my sister to go shopping and out to lunch, as it was casual and a comfortable environment. By having this conversation with my sister, I was able to reach a certain level of the growth zone as I was not afraid to share the feelings I have kept to myself for awhile. It was easy living in the comfort zone, however I would have never gained the courage to have this much needed conversation with my sister. This is when it led to me the panic zone, as I did not even know the right words I was going to say to my sister or how she was going to react. Finally, I reached the growth zone where I realized the only way I was going to make any progress is if I completed what I set out to do. This then led me to the direction of my…

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