Personal Narrative: Feeling Like An Outsider

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Feeling like an Outsider

The 3 day basketball tryouts have begun and I see that few of my friends have showed up. The few that did were thinking about quitting. “For the love of the game,” I tell them, “keep going until the end.” But every day I see more and more dropping like flies. Many of them don’t want to feel the soreness and sweat dripping down your back. Others just felt like they sucked at basketball and weren’t good enough. As the results come in I am faced with a challenge. I find myself alone on the basketball team. The idea of what my friends did popped into my mind. The thought of my friends abandoning the tryouts and those who didn’t make the cut was awful. The fear of having no partner in drills or other activities in practice make it even worse. As basketball practice soon appeared on my schedule, I started to get butterflies. I struggle to want to go to practice in the summer, but with the dad I have I can’t miss one.
When I go to the practice, I don’t only see that none of my friends are there, but that the huge 9th grade team practices with us. As I get out on the court, I feel the embarrassment of how my abilities are very limited compared to them. The red hot blood rushes to my face. As practice goes on I am
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He enjoys school and other things like movies and books. Even when his friends don’t necessarily enjoy those things he still does it. Ponyboy’s oldest brother Darry is like my father and coach. The keep on pushing me to the limit and keep me on track. Even when I don’t desire to. The new guys on the team are like johnny. A best friend that doesn’t talk much, but will be there for you. Finally Sodapop is like my pasture and grandpa. They always encourage. My life seems to be such as Ponyboy’s just in different situations.I love basketball and Ponyboy loves watching movies and reading books. We are both outsiders, but are fine with being who we

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