Taking A Public Speaking Class Essay

789 Words Aug 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
I’ll openly admit that I was terrified at first of the thought of taking another public speaking class. After having taken it in high school, I believed my time taking such a course was over. But I was wrong. I was told that it was a college requirement and was absolutely essential that I take another public speaking course. Fast forward to now and here I am, finally having taken the class in what is now the summer before my senior year of college. With the class over now it is time to reflect. As is the case with a great many things I can say that public speaking wasn’t as bad at I thought it would be. In actuality it was enjoyable and dare I say it, fun. Sure it was bitter work, requiring long hours of research during the summer when I am usually off but nevertheless, it was worthwhile. In the span of these last eight weeks I can say that I have made great strides in my ability to address audiences. While I no doubt have much more work ahead of me, I know that I am on the right path to becoming a proficient speaker. One important lesson I learned was the importance of vulnerability and openness. The first day that our class met still amazes me. Our group came together and each gave a speech that, as the assignment read, involved us talking to the class about an object of significance. Now I assumed that this being a summer class, nobody was going to go in-depth with their artifact. We would each talk and soon after we would all forget whatever the other person said. Yet,…

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