Tablets Vs. Textbooks Essay

1147 Words Dec 8th, 2015 null Page
Tablets vs. Textbooks With the use of tablets on the rise, schools systems struggle with the decision of whether or not to join the digital revolution or continue using textbooks. Textbooks have been used in schools ever since the 16th century, however the use of technology is rapidly increasing. There are several reasons why schools should switch to tablets, but we cannot deny the problems associated with them. Technology is surrounding us, which is why all schools should switch to a form of technology. A large percentage of students and teachers are already switching to tablets. According to a recent study by Harris Interactive, only 1% of 2,300 ages 8-18 do not use use technology for school related purposes (Nagel). Included in this study was the percentages of the types of technology used by middle and high- schoolers. Middle School: 70% laptops 66% desktops 47% smartphones 25% small tablets 23% large tablets 17% basic e-readers 12% netbooks. High School: 75% laptops 65% desktops 60% smartphones 19% full sized tablets 17% small tablets 16% basic e-readers 10% netbooks. Another element of this study is the ownership of technology. 50% laptops 37% desktop 43% smartphones 18% small tablets 14% full sized tablets 12% basic e-reader 7% netbooks 13% do not own any of the above (Nagel). The Los Angles Unified School District, the second largest school district, recently made the switch and spent $30 million to provide 35,000 students with tablets (Álvarez).…

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