Swot Analysis Of Morningstar 's Mission Essay

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This semester I had my first work experience related to my field of study. I interned with Morningstar which is an independent provider of investment research, financial information on mutual funds, stocks, exchange-traded funds and multiple saving plans (Morningstar 2016). Morningstar’s mission is to provide software, reliable information on its investing site, online and print-based products for individual investors, professional advisors and institutional clients. It has offices in 27 countries including North America, Australia, Asia and Europe (Morningstar 2016). One of the Morningstar offices is located in Central Business District in Sydney on 36 and 37th floors. There are approximately 150 employees in the local Sydney office that are working on different teams such as Marketing, Equities Research, Data & IT and Fund Research.
I was lucky to be placed on the Fund Research team where we analyse and rate funds based on the following criteria: people, process, performance, parent and price (Morningstar 2016). Consequently, we first gather and analyse available information, then, through critical thinking, come up with conclusions on how risky a fund is and how much profit can be potentially generated. Besides this, I helped my team with multiple projects where I analysed funds data in Excel, and revealed patterns in historical returns; for example, I helped one of the senior managers with a Safe Retirement Withdrawal Rates project.
During my internship, I was able to…

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