Ez Pleeze Swot Analysis Essay

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A SWOT Analysis is an important step in determining a strategic plan. A company, like EZ-Pleeze, needs to understand both internal forces and external forces that can affect the company’s future in the market. Internal forces consist of strengths and weaknesses inside the company. External forces consist of threats and opportunities outside of the company.

By studying the external environment, which are threats to the company along with opportunities for the company, a company can make a better decision of how, when and where to enter a market. Opportunities are “conditions in the general environment that, if exploited effectively, helps a company reach strategic competitiveness.” Opportunities are ways a company can gain advantage over competitors, open doors for the company, and grow. A company needs to identify opportunities that help achieve the goals the company has created. The other external forces are threats. Threats are “condition in the general environment that may hinder a company's efforts to achieve strategic competitiveness.” Threats can be detrimental to a company. If the threats are bad enough a company could lose
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All strengths within the company are important to analyze. The strengths show how a company is different and unique, along with the advantages they have over other companies in the market.

Starting with the CEO and founder having 25 years of livestock and poultry farming, then starting up the company in 2000, the company’s knowledge and experience in beef and poultry give a strong internal strength. The internal team has gained from this knowledge and understanding of the market and has given the company large leaps in growth within the market. If the knowledge is passed down after the CEO has left, the company could have leverage over any competitors new to the

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