Essay on Svedka Case Study Analysis

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Svedka Vodka:

Case Study Analysis

Summary In 1998, entrepreneur and MBA Guillaume Cuvelier was preparing for the launch of his new distilled spirit, Svedka Vodka. Cuvelier has decided to start a vodka company after working many years in the spirits industry. Vodka makes up a large share of the spirits American’s drink at 24% of all alcohol consumed (Zuckerman). Vodka consumption is also rising across the US. Svedka is going to be a newcomer in the vodka marketplace going up against many big opponents in products such as Smirnoff, Grey Goose, Stolichnya and Absolut. Cuvelier’s Svedka has gotten rave reviews from many critics for its quality, so a successful marketing campaign will not depend much
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Cuvelier exploited this positive association and included both on Svedka’s bottle (figure 7). However, since the average consumer knows relatively little about brands of Vodka, it is critical to also establish several points of parity from Absolut (Module 7A). This can be accomplished and also better establish Svedka as a quality party liquor by poking fun at the staleness of the typical Absolut drinker. American consumers are finally coming around to the differentiating factors between vodkas, but the market is still flooded with so many options that it is necessary to establish an extremely strong brand to stand out from the rest. Svedka needs to find a way to make itself stand out in the eyes of new customers and the best way to do that is to first determine whom they are going to market and ultimately sell to. Cuvelier is presented with two main options in customer profile to market to. He could either sell to regular vodka drinkers, who tend to be older males who were price-conscious and loyal to a brand, or, he could market to the 21-to-35-year-old consumers, who represent 40% of the vodka market (Zuckerman). Since those in the first group are considered to be very loyal to their drink of choice, it would be extremely difficult to market a new type of vodka to these people. Therefore, it makes much more sense

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