Impact Of IM In Business Performance

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In all models ,employee attitude and satisfaction used as a key factor in service quality which has impact via customer orientation ,employee motivated and job satisfaction .Furthermore ,employee for deliver high service quality and interactive marketing need to empower through organization .Rafiq&Ahmed(1998) proposed that “the degree of empowerment is conditional on the variability of what customer needs and the degree of task complexity “.high level of service need trained and skillful employee which may be costly ,however this cost will recover by attracting more customer by providing high service quality to them through trained employees .
Reviewing literature shows that there is lack of empirical research in IM because limited number of
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2.13. Impact of IM in Business Performance
Business performance consist of both financial performance (Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Assets (ROA) and operational performance (Product efficiency, market share, customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, product or service development, etc.).Therefore to measure business performance have to consider both financial and operational performance. Panigyrakis &Theodoridis (2009) states that operational performance influence overall performance of organization. They proposed that IM is a main driver of financial and operational business performance and has a strong influence on business performance .it can be demonstrated that employee in organization play a very crucial role in making long-term relationship with customer and stakeholders. According to Kotler &Kotler (2008), a company’s marketing output are influenced by quality of marketing activities in addition of employee activities toward customers. They have mentioned the important role of employee and customer to achieving business reviewing service marketing literature ,it can be argue that marketing orientation and IM activities and its result have positive effect on business performance dimensions such as ;improving employee commitment
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The Business Model (BM) concept emerged in 1970 by Deter Drocker, since then academic scholars have discussed in different feature of BM and still there is no comprehensive definition of BM (Sainio et al .2010, Morris et al.(2005) and Mansfield &Fourie (2003)).As claims by Morris et al (2005) ,business model is “a concise representation of how an interrelated set of decision variables in the area of venture strategy ,architecture and economics are addressed to create sustainable competitive advantage inn defined markets. “Every scholars define different blocks, components, elements or dimension for BM

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