Federal Enterprise Architecture Analysis

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1.Introduction: Mainly, in every organization enterprise architecture plays an important role because an organization must maintain a plan of its operations of current and future potentially. Importantly, the enterprise architecture provides the information about how the hardware, software, and network work together. Correspondingly, the architecture provides an outline of the organization goals and documentation of the process, the technical implementation which allows the for the organization for developing the system without any difficulty. It has started back thirty years ago where enterprise architecture developed and began to address the important problems like a) system complexity b) poor business alignment. Figure 1-Examples of …show more content…
Figure 3- Primary outcomes of the federal enterprise architecture
Level of scope of federal enterprise architecture:
Importantly, for implementing the federal enterprise architecture they are eight level of scope for the federal enterprise architecture:
 International: Mainly, the international concentrates about the sharing of the services regarding the business models per the requirement of the federal architecture.
 National: In particular, the services including a) federal b) state c) tribal and d) local agencies helps in the coordination of the services for the providing the better infrastructure.
 Federal: Corresponding, the federal and support services use the office of management and budget approval for individual federal service to meet the requirement of the architecture.
 Sector: Indeed, this focusses on the individual sector of the organization which provides the detailed process of the service provided by the individual sector.
 Agency: Moreover, the architecture provides the information about the entire architectural agency for decision-making to organize the business

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