Sustainable As An Organization : Penn State Essay

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Sustainable as an Organization
Penn State not only educates its students, and conducts leading industry research on sustainability, but also practices its beliefs as an institution. The University is committed to sustainability in its operations across all business platforms including energy use, efficiency, waste management, and transportation. “The University has embraced sustainability as a foundational principle that enriches all of its pursuits and missions, and is committed to advancing the understanding and resolution of sustainability challenges on campus, in our communities and around the world” (Sustainability Initiative). The University continually tries to improve all of its business practices to become the “Energy Institution” and provide other organizations with an effective business model.
Penn State, particularly the University Park campus, has a comprehensive plan of its projected energy use for the near and long term future. The campus’ major source of emission comes from energy generation, and therefore has a large focus on reducing the school’s energy consumption through multiple avenues such as increased efficiency, conservation, and awareness. The University is currently making plans to invest $60 million over the next 5 years in energy efficiency and conservation initiatives. This aggressive investment style has already resulted in the reduction of greenhouse gasses by 18% since 2005 and has set an ambitious new reduction goal of 35% by 2020…

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