Supply Chain Of Automobile Industry Essay

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The degree to measure, if the defects and other substantial discrepancies are not present in a product or service is known as Quality. Quality have many definitions it depends upon the different prospective. If the product can meet the some required and pre-set standards it is considered to be of good quality only after that the product is assumed to meet the requirements of a customer. If we take an example of an Automobile company that the products, they are using are not meeting the required standards and company recalled some of the automobiles, it will decrease the production of the company and customer will lose faith in that particulars firms car’s quality. Quality have dimensions like quality control and assurance which are the wide concept which helps to focus on company’s entire system of quality from the products they are manufacturing or importing from different suppliers across the globe, to check that the firm should meet the required standards of quality throughout the supply chain process. (1)

Supply chain in Automobile Industry
The Automotive industry one the world’s biggest revenue earing industry, in terms of the roles if quality, variety of products and the complexity of manufacturing process. Due to the increase in different requirements by customers, the manufacturers in automotive industry are making products in large number of range with different options and variants. For example, a German brand has made 1017 different variants of…

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