ALDO Group Business Analysis

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In today’s competitive business world no organization can stand alone. All of them private companies, government or non-profit organizations create network relationships and compete with each other. One of the significant and modern ways of competing with others became the supply chain. (Christopher 2005) “Companies especially retailers are challenged with finding ways to meet ever-rising customer expectations at a manageable cost”. (Bala, 2014) In order to do that, retailers looking for supply chain processes that are not competitive enough but valuable for customers and other stakeholders. That makes companies to take new risks and make modernization, improvement and sometimes very drastic actions to be able to compete in current
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Aldo Bensadoun opened the first ALDO store in Montréal, Canada. The headquarters is still located in Montréal. The company is a highly successful in the shoes and accessories sector. (Notclichs, 2016) In 1993, ALDO Group start its growth and development through different channels including own stores, wholesale, franchise formulas and of course in the last few years through internet sales in the North America. In 1995, ALDO Group started their conquest of the rest of the world (, (Notclichs, 2016).
Nowadays when the ALDO Group became one of the leaders among fashion retailers, 20,000 associates worldwide work for the company and the traffic to the stores reaches around 200 million customers each year. The ALDO Group’s production is focused on combining quality, design and accessibility. Developing, producing and selling footwear and accessories ALDO Group covers the fashion market by 3 brands worldwide ALDO, CALL IT SPRING and GLOBO within 2050 stores. (
“Guided by a strong set of values, Aldo Bensadoun set out to build a "different" kind of modern company that is founded on compassion and ethics, aiming to influence society in both fashion and social responsibility. Mr. Bensadoun created a brand with a conscience; a brand that cares.”
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(Notclichs, 2016) Additionally to that, Bleckmann has strong network and partners in Asia and North America. The supply chain management services provider works mostly within fashion, lifestyle and e-commerce fields. ( Bleckmann has a long history starting the business 1962 and growing the distribution network and logistics specifically for fashion retails. The current network has three branches, such as Belgian, Dutch and English. However, the total storage is more than 300.000m2 and employs over 2000 full-time employees. (Notclichs, 2016) “A yearly turnover is circa €200 million with distribution of 300 million pieces of clothing per year through mainly two company divisions: Transport (both b2b and b2c) and Logistics (warehouse storage and services with added value)”. According to press release that was published in 2016, “the organization is highly technologically developed, flexible and customer oriented”. (Notclichs,

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