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Qualifying for Super Summer Student leaders from Mississippi Baptist churches attend an annual camp called Super Summer. Super Summer helps students dive deeper into God’s Word and serve Christ. In order to qualify for Super Summer, a student leader must go through a demanding and dedicated process. Two of the most demanding requirements that require much of a student’s time are attendance and leadership. Events to attend consist of church camps, volunteer days, Wednesday night services, Sunday school, Sunday morning and afternoon services, and discipleship training. Attendance is very important because a student must dedicate his or her time to participating in the youth group. Leadership is also prominent, as a student must be willing …show more content…
A testimony is a person’s story about how he or she lived his or her life before accepting Christ and how Christ has affected his or her life after being saved. Students must share testimonies in front of the youth group or in front of the entire church during a service. A student also has to share his or her testimony at Super Summer in small group sometime during the week. To hear each person’s testimony is an incredible experience. Students get to hear what other students have been through and hear how he or she has gotten through that obstacle. At times, students can connect with other students through testimonies, as they may have had to struggle with similar experiences. Through testimonies, students gain a deeper understanding of each other through whatever they have been through and will go through. Students create connections and learn how to become a better Christian using what others have been through. Sharing testimonies is the most important of the requirements because each explains a student’s life and the impact God has made. Students who come from Baptist churches in Mississippi attend this leadership camp called Super Summer. This camp is very demanding in its requirements. The dedication of students proves the determination each student has. It takes a lot of time and hard work to qualify for Super Summer, and students must be willing to take this

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