Super Bowl Captains In The NFL: The National Football League

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The NFL (National Football League) is the most anticipated, and exciting sport to watch in America. The players of the league get just as amp up to play the game. The real reason these players play the game is to hold up the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season; to be named the Super Bowl champions, also knowing you’re the best of the best. Everyone does their role to be successful at the end and to be deemed the last man standing. The process is not just a breeze in the wind, you will have obstacles in the road. But the question is “WHO WILL HOIST THE LOMBARDI TROPHY AT THE END OF THE SEASON?”
In order to make anything good, or maybe some will say great, is you have to build something successful. In this case, you get the right players, coaches, and managers. The saying is, “Managers manage the team, Coaches coach the team, and players play. Within those roles some may have more responsibility than others. And that can separate a championship contender, to a playoff contender. One responsibility teams always assigned to the players, are captains. The captains can empower the franchise or it can devour the franchise. The captains can be assigned by
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It makes everything better within the organization, and success does not come easy in the League. Because everyone is after the same goal, and that is to be named the Super Bowl champions. You never take for granted the games won, or how many big was margin of victory. The good teams talk continue to talk about the wins, the great teams move to the next opponent ready to seize another victory. Winning makes everything better in the NFL. Winning makes everything better in society as well, with winning comes success. These players dedicate their lives for the team, and will do anything necessary to win. During these weeks, the media and fans begin to realize who really ready to be a champion. After the regular season is played, you have the

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