Summer Reading Should Be Voluntary Or Required For Students Essay

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YOU MAY BEGIN! 3 words, 3 little short words that started my fate; 3 words that would decide my class placement, high school graduation; Hell, my entire future. I look briefly up at Mr. Cole; a fairly tall pudgy man, with bright brown hair, cut in the shape of a bowl to accompany his untamed brown beard. He continues, “You have 150 minutes to complete the assessment. You my break it up how you choose, just remember to use your time wisely, and good luck.” And just like that, the pressure was on. I open my booklet with a bit of uneasiness, and begin reading the prompt. “Writing Situation: Many schools require student to read books for all the core subjects over the summer break to improve their reading and learning skills your school has a committee that is considering whether summer reading should be voluntary or required for students. Directions for writing: Write a letter to convince the committee that summer reading for high school students should be voluntary or required. Use specific details to support your position. ” Okay Ella, think! Think! What position do you want to choose? Voluntary or required? Do you want to speak for what you believe or for the position that is easier? Come on Ella think! Perfect; I’ll just jot down a few ideas for both, and the one that comes easier will be my position. I finally got a grip on this assessment…….. Or so I thought. Growing up I was quite a handful. I loved the idea of stories, as well as the idea of telling stories; so you…

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