Essay on Summary Of ' The Rooftop '

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The question that lingers over everyone 's head “ Who am I?” When is the day that we actually come to a realization of who we are as a writer? In my life, I have written many stories, book reports and papers for school, however the same question pops up in my head on a daily basis. From “ The RoofTop” to my author biography of J.R.R Tolkien my writing experience spans 10 years. Writing comes easy to some but not all.” Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”. -Benjamin Franklin At the age of 9 years old, I wrote a short book called “The Rooftop”. This story was about a girl that had just moved to a new town and fell in love with a guy named Jacob. Just like every little girl, I was obsessed with romance and of course, Twilight. I wanted to follow in my idol, Stephanie Myers’s footsteps and write a book based on a dream. In my tale, Jacob decided to surprise the main character by refurbishing an old building 's rooftop, including building a bedroom as an engagement gift to her. I remember having both a handwritten copy and a typed copy that I gave out to friends and family, sadly none of these have been found, so the story is all by memory. I chose this moment as a defining factor in my journey as a writer because it was my first experience coming up with a full story from beginning to end, one where I felt myself in the story while writing it, instead of going into someone else 's written world. I am greatly saddened by the fact that i do not have…

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