Essay on Summary Of ' The ' Of The Heart Center '

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This past Saturday morning, I motivated my little brother Vincent, my little sisters Tess and Alex and my cousin Olivia to volunteer at a local food and clothing distribution center in Chula Vista, Turning the Heart Center. Vincent is thirteen years old, Tess is nine, Alex is twenty and Olivia is twenty-three. I invited them all to spend the night at my house the night before. We laughed, had dinner and spoke about life in general. I went on to tell them how thankful I was for all God has personally done for financially, relationally and spiritually. I told them that as a family we are beyond blessed and that is something to not take lightly nor forget. I went on to stay that God did this for a reason and that reason was that we help others. That is the entire point of Christianity, to be light everywhere we go and that sometimes we just need to change up where we go. They all agreed, and we continued to watch television for a little while and then we all went to bed. That morning everyone got up and I made breakfast. I told them, “you know I think we should go volunteer at a homeless shelter this morning, I have done that in a long time. Why do you guys think?” Alex, Olivia and Tess excitedly agree but Vincent did not seem too excited his reaction was delayed and it appeared he only said yes because everyone else did. We arrived at the Turning the Heart Center. I knew much of the management staff and they quickly put us to work. Alex, Tess, Olivia and myself assisted in the…

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