Summary Of ' It Was My Pleasure ' Essays

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“It was my pleasure.” I responded with the biggest smile on my face. Vaughn walked towards his car and I was impressed when he got in a midnight blue Mercedes Mclaren. When he drove off I had to call Carmon.
“Girl, I got something to tell you!” I implied with my voice becoming slightly enraged with excitement.
“Spill!” Carmon demanded.
“Okay first let me just tell you that I need you to cover for me.
“For what?”
“I went out to dinner with one of my clients and I told Bryan I was going to have some drinks with you.”
“What client and why are you going to dinner with him?”
“His name is Vaughn and girl he is fine!” Right when I was about to get in details I received a beep on my other line. So I told Carmon to hold on and clicked over.
“When do you think you’ll be coming home?”
“I’m on the way now!” After getting off the phone with Bryan I clicked over to Carmon, but unfortunately she was not there. Carmon is the type of person that never holds for anyone. I always hated that about her. I didn’t even bother calling her back. I just drove out of the parking lot towards home. When I got home Bryan was upstairs sleep. He was bugging me to come home and when I get home; his ass sleep. I didn’t make a big deal because I really didn’t want to be bothered with him tonight. After a hectic day, it took me no time to fall asleep. It’s early morning and my message notification starts to go off. It woke both Bryan and I at the same time. I rushed to it under the impression…

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