Summary Of Everyday Ethics: Ethical Issues And Stress In Nursing Practice

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The Emphasis of Ethics
Article 2 - Summary
Christine Mahsetky
Rose State College Disclaimer
The e-mail address of Connie M. Ulrich, although provided in the original publication will not be contacted for permission to write this summary. Therefore, let it be known that I, Christine Mahsetky, student of Noelle Merchant and Rose State College, do so still choose to go forth with this assignment without prior consent. Objective
The content of this paper summarizes the publication, "Everyday Ethics: Ethical Issues and Stress in Nursing Practice.” Everyday Ethics is a published report on the results of stress research on nurses in the four regions of the United States. The study was a self-assessment survey, sent out by mail in 2004 to 1000 participants. The research focused on type, frequency, and the level of stress nurses felt the experienced daily.
The publication based research was guided by the practice of nursing medicine as a profession, ethics and health services theories as well as literature. Daily ethical hurdles in nursing are regularly ignored. This creates unnecessary, extra stress for our nursing staff. In turn, nurses have unintentionally learned to feel tense when addressing ethical problems to avoid the extra stress or unwelcome feelings of anxiety they might receive otherwise. In 1994, the
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Still, ironically, many also maintained feeling powerless and having little influence in ethical issues, particularly with others. This powerlessness feeling is a sense of moral distress and can leave a person emotionally scarred and hesitant to speak out against the hierarchy health care system. This emotional beat down tends to lead to moral apathy where nurses treat patients and others with resentment because the drive to care and make a difference was unethically sourced by repeated interactions that remain

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