Suetonius Biography

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Register to read the introduction… In Suetonius's writings he seems to be able to connect with the people in a different way such as if he knew exactly what they were thinking. He has a dominant feature of writing that is the deep penetration of Hellenistic culture and using methods those of a Hellenistic scholar would use. Suetonius writings revolved around questions related to that of the Hellenistic culture, even more so in how he talked of men learning and literary figures in Roman society. His book is a very good narrative to the lives of the Caesars. He talks more about the lives they lived rather than the historical events they may have taken place in. He goes deep into the Caesars sex lives in the end of his book talking of the "private life" of the Caesar. The public then cared about the "private life" of the Caesars much like a tabloid magazine would today. Ways in which rulers dressed, decorated their hose, or what they did on their free time was what was important to the people of Suetonius's time. Suetonius tried to give his readers insights into the characters of individual Caesars through a wide variety of means, including, for instance, descriptions of their physical appearance which was thought by ancient people to be a clear index of a person's character. That brings about the question of if Suetonius is a credible source for the lives of the Caesars. People could say that it has nothing to do with how the Caesars worked as Caesars and the material he gives is of unimportance to us, therefore being a weakness in his works. The Romans did care of how the Caesars lived in their personal lives though because that was of great importance to them. This to the people of Rome is a great strength is Suetonius …show more content…
When writing about the emperor's job he does add everything that being an emperor is all about. He talks about the geography. He subdivides socially, the treatment of the senate, the equestrian order, the Roman citizens, and the slaves. He deals with the areas of public life, religion, military, and civilian. So all though he talks a lot about the personal lives of the Caesars he does include a big amount of how the Caesars did their

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