Study Habits On College Students Essay examples

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Knowledge is power and a college campus is the gathering place for those who understand this rule. Properly collecting large amounts of data in the form of opinions and thoughts of those who go to a college is important to evoke conversations and provide answers to various topics. Topics that college surveys cover span from dieting to technology to study habits. The following literature review will take a look at four surveys that were taken place on college campuses to see what is needed to properly collect data. In spring of 2009 between April and May, The Project Information Literary team decided put out a survey to further understand the usage of Wikipedia among college students and here is how they did it. First they had to create the question on the survey. They did this by creating an 11 student focus groups across seven campuses throughout the United States. The sessions were on average 90 minutes long and they meet between October and December 2008. These meeting resulted in carefully selected questions for the survey. The next step was to actually send out the survey. The survey was sent out by email to student emails and the responses came back electronically. The survey was distributed to 27,666 students across six campuses in the United States with a study sample was 2,318 responses (Head, A. J. & Eisenberg, M. B. 2010). The overall response rate was eight percent. Sampled students were from all major disciplinary area and consisted of sophomores juniors, or…

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