Students Should Attend College And Receive An Education Essay

727 Words Nov 14th, 2016 3 Pages
All students should attend college and receive an education. Becoming a college student is hard especially by yourself. But working hard is an important way to be able to be a successful person. For example, some can relate to working hard because they grew up doing sports their entire life. They either ran track and field, cross-country, volleyball, cheerleading, basketball, flag football, soccer, and more. In high school, being a student-athlete was tough because of the traveling, school work, tiring workouts, and keeping good grades. But this disciplined some very much because this was a responsibility they had to pursue to attend college with an athletic scholarship. Furthermore, not everyone can balance out everything once they get into college. While some students may drop out because they are mentally unstable, others might drop out due to academic deficiencies from high school or being unable to afford. To sum up, students meet many obstacles that make them drop out of college. The high school goal was to pass so that we can get into college; in college, it is to succeed. Sometimes high school didn’t prepare us for college. Most high school students slacked off and paid the price when they got to college. They didn’t do much learning because they copied homework and classwork, too lazy to study, cheating on tests, not going to school or class, not wanting to learn and engage with the teacher’s content. Coming out of high school, the amount of work and…

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