Student Service Learner At My School Essay

1113 Words Jun 16th, 2015 null Page
During these nine weeks, I had a really interesting time being a Student Service Learner at my school. At times, working with the students in the class was pretty fun and a lot like working with your own friends. However, there were multiple times where it was completely difficult to work with them. Even though I had a short experience with the class for only half of the semester, I have learned what it takes to be an excellent, and successful, SSL.
Of my first days in Mrs. Pfaltzgraff’s class, I was pretty much nervous, but excited: I was actually going to help my fellow classmates! The subject of the class was Geometry, something I have learned a few years back when I was a sophomore. However, there was catch to this job: most of the students in the class paid no attention to the teacher and took no notes at all. This was my very first time experiencing students always on their phones and not doing classwork or even quizzes. So I went to help one student that used his phone as a calculator, and the teacher didn’t mind at all. Things went from a bit unusual and awkward to more sophisticated and friendlier. This student was nothing compared to the rest of the others, because he wanted to get a good grade in the class. He showed me some of the grades he got when I wasn’t there, and they were not bad, but he could put more effort into it. The good news is that he does all of his homework in that class, so I don’t have to tell him once to complete it. After many weeks, we were…

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