My Role As A Teacher

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While in my second placement my role was very unlimited. For the most part, the teacher allowed me to act as the teacher. During the first week, I mostly did observations and learning the routines of the class. I would report at 7am and take a sit at the back of the classroom. I took notes of what the teacher did to prepare for the arrival of the student. After about two days of my first week, I took the responsibility of making sure the students got their morning work, and made sure their Minute Math was available. I was also responsible for taking the students to the restroom and maintained discipline. The second week of my placement I took on the responsibility of taking on the math lesson. After receiving the lesson plan, I was …show more content…
With time they will regurgitate anything I teach them, intentionally and unknowingly. Several of my students require much attention and have a strong desire to feel important. So at any opportunity to impress me they will try their hardest. They actually want to learn and are proud to make me proud. If I cater to their needs they will fulfill my expectations for the most part. Our relationship was built on mutual respect. I had to be that missing piece for a lot of my students. I had to make sure they knew that I was there for them, and they could trust me. I honestly love those children, and some days they worked every nerve I have. Their teacher constantly called their moms for every little things and often judged them for simple mistakes that all children make. They were practically walking on eggshells and afraid to be open with anyone or share ideas. I didn 't allow them to make fun of one another, and I encouraged them to answer my questions whether the answer was right or wrong. I never treated one better than the other or singled anyone out ever. I had a favorite student, but she nor the other students knew. I never picked my helpers based on favoritism or behavior from the day or week before. I was as fair a possible with my students, and they respected me for …show more content…
I learned what worked for me and my classroom. All I want is to be an effective teacher; and I was. The thought of ever being a mediocre teacher scares me. During my placement, I was able to define a list of classroom rules that are reasonable. I learned how to plan, use resources that will help me with effective instruction. I gained the experience of working with a supportive team that went above and beyond to help me achieve my goal. I was able to develop a mental list of do 's and don 'ts. This experience has helped me build my confidence, and I no longer have fears about becoming a teacher. I know I 'll do

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