Student Performance During The Classroom Essay

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In creating the three SLO’s for this unit, the various needs of the students in this classroom were carefully considered. The three SLO’s are attainable and observable for these students in the timeframe provided for this unit. Accommodations will be provided to make the SLO attainable for each student in the class. Based on the students’ previous assessment data and their performance during previous units, these SLO’s can be achieved within this unit. The unit should take between one and a half to two full weeks to complete. There is a range of learners within this classroom which will require modified lessons, assessments, and differentiated instruction. A few students in this class struggled with prior units such as multiplication and operations with decimals, therefore this unit should help to deepen student understanding of multiplication because of its strong relationship to division, helping them to become higher order thinkers. Student performance during previous lessons and on previous assessments were a valuable tool in creating student groupings for this unit. Their previous data also set the standard for where to start this unit, and how to approach delivering the instruction.
The SLO’s for this unit were created in a way that will help the student’s transition from their multiplication unit into the division unit in a rather seamless way. To do this, the unit begins with having students understand the relationship between division and multiplication…

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