12 Domains Analysis

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Discussion of Domain

Domain B focuses on evaluating the student learning as a whole process. It covers Teaching Performance Expectations (TPE) 2 which is monitor student learning during instruction and Teaching Performance Expectations (TPE) 3 which involves interpretations and use of assessments. These teacher performance expectations are the teacher’s guidelines that needed to follow in order to become an effective education specialist.

TPE 2 consists of the following. First, monitor student work during class for adequate progress based on each student’s Individualized Educational Program (IEP). In this TPE, I need to keep track of the student’s performance to check if the student needs more help or accommodation based on his/her IEP.
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TPE 3 consists of the following: First, know how to familiarize students with and administer assessment instruments. This portion is essential in implementing the assessment because the teacher needs to review how to administer the assessment while making sure that student knows how to follow the instructions.Second, collect multiple sources of information to assess student learning. As a teacher, I have to use informal assessment such as San Diego Quick Reading assessment, Phonological Awareness Test, “Unique” pretest and posttest, observation and student samples, to evaluate the student’s present level of performance, needs, strengths and weaknesses. Third, Interpret assessment results. Defining the assessment results is very critical because this will help in planning the student’s Individualized Educational Program. The results will show area of needs, strengths and weaknesses which are very important in creating goals for the student to work on the school year. Fourth, determine student progress and use results to plan instruction. Knowing the student’s present level of performance and assessment results will be the guide in course of action. Appropriate strategies and accommodations will be in place in order to help the student. …show more content…
For a class with Intellectual Disability, taking quizzes can be a big challenge. So I consider the result of the test as a big improvement on the students’ learning. Nine took the test: 1 student got 10/10, 3 students got 9/10, 2 students got 8/10, 1 student got 7/10, 1 student got 6/10 and 1 student got 4/10. It only shows that they understand the concept of matter. This unit quiz has a connection in Teaching Performance Expectation of knowing how to familiarize students with the quiz. If the student knows how to take the test and familiar with the pattern, they will likely feel comfortable and succeed in the test. Since my students are already familiar of the things and picture of different examples of matter, they were able to understand the question from the unit quiz. This unit test gives me an indicator of how much they learned from the topic which will help me plan my next lesson of instruction. Based on the result of the test, most students were able to retain information which is a good gauge of their learning

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