Student Level Material, Draw Conclusions From Close Analysis Essay

755 Words Jun 10th, 2016 4 Pages
My expectations in the class were to critically evaluate college-level material, draw conclusions from close analysis, analyze the structure of arguments, and evaluate the soundness and facts presented in the argument. My goals were to learn more about the English language and writing. And I hoped to improve my writing as the class moved forward. The resources used were mostly online. I searched for similar sources or analysis from different pages. I was able to find website that either expanded the subject or made the assignment more clear. Also, I used YouTube to look up some of the assignments because a visual will also assist me in understanding.
I have gone a long way compared to where I 've started from English 67. The class has guided me very well in accomplishing my goal and expectations . For example, I learned a lot about fallacious writing and speaking. In "exposing fallacious writing" , I was able to incorporate fallacies with the writer. I was able to tell what fallacy he was using, and how the writer tried to impose his belief to be counted as the truth. In addition, some class discussion has helped me in evaluating arguments in the class. Because you are a libertarian, you have brought up important issues. I was able to evaluate the soundness of your argument and to look up facts. However, I was not expecting to change your mind. I was mostly interested into drawing conclusions to my own beliefs and/or opinion. For example, " Americas Solution to Issues" my…

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