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This writing class I hoped to learn some new material that can help in my future and my writing skills for other course. For this semester my expectation it was to get better on my grammar errors and connect sentence together, this are my expectations to develop after I finish this course to get a little bit better on it. It have been having difficult when I was in high school. Some of the plans that I had was to get some workshops that can help me in the writing class. Not everyone had the same development that other students may have in the class each other have different capacity to learn it fast and some they learn lower than other. This semester some of the projects that we did in class, helping to understand better than last year. This writing class’s help in my career field with some of the steps that the professor gave us some advice with our essay. Not all writing class from last year had Ellie Reviews, and this year for this writing course it help me a little bit. The professor tells us to give some feedback to each other in class, also, we share it with the professor if you want do.

This semester in writing class it have been a very hopeful class in writing class this professor
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Also some of the skills we had in class was free writing, and brainstorming was a very good how to start our essay. This are my plans that I want to achievement for my future a and staring to learn some other writing skills going to the writing center and other resources that may help me to get better on it. It would help me to get better on it for my college career but mind while it would help to on my two and half college to get better on my writing skills. But for now I have learn new material of writing that can help me in my next

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