Student Council Proposal And Gave Us $ 150 Spend For Our Baked Goods

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We were happy that the Student Council approved our proposal and gave us $150 to spend for our baked goods. After having our meeting with GA Farah, Kirsten drove us to the Big Y to shop for our supplies. It was enjoyable to pick out different colorful sugar sprinkles, frostings and different kind of cookies and brownies. It took us approximately 30 minutes to gather all our supplies and go to the register. We were astonished when the total was over our budget ($150). We did not buy anything that was expensive, every item was $5. We did not expect everything to add up more than $150. We decided to buy all the supplies, even if it meant that we have to pay extra from our pockets. Later, we sorted out the supplies for team one and team two. Justine, Luke and I planned to bake sugar cookies, and brownies in the Maywood kitchen while Kirsten and Jessi planned to bake cake pops and chocolate chip cookies in the Dodd kitchen.
We planned to complete all of our baking on Saturday morning for our bake sale and sugar cookies for the kids.
I asked Kirsten and Jessi about their experience of baking for a bake sale. They both expressed that overall they enjoyed it. They burned their first two batches of chocolate chip cookies and learned from their mistake to make better cookies for their next batch. They ate some of the cookies because they felt bad if they did not eat then they will be wasting food. This was their first time baking together, therefore they enjoyed doing this new…

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