Student Affairs And Academic Success Essay

739 Words Aug 17th, 2016 3 Pages
When viewed in the context of an entire university, student affairs departments are really the lifeblood of what shapes a college student’s experience. I firmly believe that a student gains more from outside of the classroom than they do within its walls. The self-growth that occurs through extracurricular activities and other interactions has to be cultivated. Student affairs professionals are the cultivators.
As a future student affairs professional, I must embrace the mission of an institution of higher education, which often focuses on academics and learning, yet also initiate personal growth with students. Those working in this field need to believe in what they do in order to have the passion to keep fighting for it. I confidently believe I have that passion. The focus on college campuses today is overall student success. I believe that student affairs play an integral part in academic success, co-curricular success, and career success. An involved and engaged student will have a higher GPA and improve school retention and graduation rates. My passion for success will be transferred to the students I serve.
I chose to enter into student affairs because I have a passion to see students succeed. This started for me the summer between my sophomore and junior year. I hit a rough patch in my undergraduate career and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I was heavily involved in my student groups and passionate about building better citizens. It all hit me one day in my…

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