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People are affected by stress everyday whether it be school, their job, or family issues at home. Most people know what stress is, but many do not know the story behind it. In 1936 Hans Seyle started first talking about stress and it turned out to be a stressful thing for him, afterwards many different types of stress came about, and with stress came the different ways to relieve it.
Everyone knows what stress is, but nobody really knows what stress is. Stress was first introduced by Hans Seyle in 1936 and Seyle described stress as “the non-specific response of the body to any demand for change.” In Seyle’s experiments, he put animals under acute stress and found that they all developed the same problems such as stomach ulcerations, shrinkage
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Stress can effect men and women whether they be adults, children, teens, college students, or the elderly. Remember that stress effects everyone differently. Dealing with stress can be difficult for everyone. The good thing about treating stress, though, is that there are countless ways to help anyone relieve their stress. Popular ways to reduce stress are self-hypnosis, visual imagery, different breathing techniques, meditation, yoga, tai chi, aerobic exercises, and many more. There are also medical ways to help relieve stress. Some of those include prescription tranquillizers, anti-depressants, and beta-blockers. Other ways to relieve stress that many people use are listening to music, laughing with others, journaling their feelings, playing with pets, and taking short breaks or going shopping. The methods are endless to help people relieve stress. Ways that I find help me relieve stress the best are by listening to music, spending time with my friends, and by just taking a break and maybe watch a movie. The key to reducing stress is by taking steps to prevent it. To prevent stress it is recommend that people keep a healthy diet, get enough sleep, avoid large amounts of caffeine, and just take time out of their schedule to relax.
Hans Seyle first started talking about stress in 1936 and all sorts of problems arose. There are many different types of stress and all of them have their different causes. To relieve stress people have many options. There are some popular methods which include meditation and there are also medical options with include different medicines. The key method, though, to treating stress, is to take the correct steps to prevent

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