Stress In Our Life Research Paper

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Is Stress Taking Over Our Lives?

The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it. People have dealt with stress at one point in their life’s and it can be very complex to handle. People stress over a lot of things that are going on in their lives. Stress can also affect people in many different ways such as tiredness / fatigue, depression, acne, heart problems, anxiety etc. Stress can put so much on one person to the point that they can’t even handle certain situations & it might lead to self-harm. The feeling that anyone that everyone goes through after stress is relief. Yes, everyone goes through stress in their life time. It can affect people and also their choices including life
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At the beginning of a relationship of course they are going through the “honey moon” phase and of course those two are very interested in each other based off of preferences & personality. Nobody doesn’t expect a couple to have the exact same interest because everyone has their own personalities and different ways of thinking. One of the things that couples worry about in relationships are their relationship is going to continue and insecurities. For example, Robert and Chyna have been together for five years and nine months, but Robert have always been very insecure about his weight gain. Chyna loves him, but she feels that he doesn’t trust her because of his past relationships and that’s one of the things that is still is physically & mentally holding him back. Robert’s past relationship made him very insecure and depressed. When it comes to being in a relationship it’s supposed to be about trust and honesty. If there isn’t trust and honesty in a relationship especially consideration that type of relationship should be discontinued. There aren’t the only couple that are going through issues. Nicki and Meek have been together for five months. During those five months there were a lot of arguments and Meek was being flirtatious with other women while dating Nicki. She felt very depressed and manipulated. Niki obviously discontinued her relationship with Meek. After their break up was so depressed that she stopped eating and she never left her bedroom for 2 weeks. Later on she decided to go to counseling and it made her feel so much better and relieved because she never thought that she would never feel like herself again. When Meek wanted to be her boyfriend again and bought her new shoes, but she rejected him because she knew she deserved someone who would treat her with respect, have more consideration for feelings and compassion. When it comes to

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