Strengths Of My Cooperative Teacher

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Mrs. Hendrickson’s third grade class is full of bright eager learners that have begun to except me at a teacher in their classroom. I have begun to get questions like, “Mrs. Granger, can I go to the bathroom.” Overtime, I have learned from this wonderful group of students as well as my Cooperative teacher. As I have taken on the role of teaching the reading block first thing in the morning, I have grown as a pre-service teacher educationally and more become more confident.
My cooperative teacher has been teaching for seven years. Her delivery of grade level content seems to come with easy and she can discuss a topic with students or hours. The conversation she has with the classroom is as natural as having a conversation with friends at the
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My cooperative teacher has given me insight to what she has observed I was doing well and where I could have improved as well. A strength of mine is organization, I plan my lessons and read the books before arriving to school. I use sticky notes to guide my lesson and use key strategies to ensure I am accommodating my IEP students. Another strength of mine is positive reinforcement, as I use both intrinsic and extrinsic concepts. Finally, redirecting is another strength of mine; which I have used during my time at Trinity Elementary. I believe, my weaknesses are only temporary and as I continue to complete my internships, I will become as strong educated teacher. A weakness of mine is employing consequences, and I spoke with my cooperative teacher regarding her classroom management. I wanted to observe how to appropriately speak with students and to correctly address classroom management concerns before I had to employ any consequences. However, I do speak to students when the need arises. I will say “Oh my, did you forget? You need to finish all the problems before we leave for lunch. You still have one left.” Mrs. Hendrickson and I discussed how students should regard any teacher in the school and the consequences for not following classroom rules. Another weakness is keeping an eye on students at all time, rotating the room even when I have pulled a small group of students for supportive …show more content…
Morning tasks are written on the board and students are responsible to read the task and complete them. Tuesday, I noticed only five students completed an important task that was on the list. I reminded the students that we are to complete all tasks written on the board, but only three more students completed the last important task. I took note of the students that completed the last task. During reading block, I reviewed with students the classroom the procedure of completing all the task written on the board and had each student that finished the task to grab smarties for completing on the tasks on the board. Students objected to not getting smarties because the specific task was usually done at the end of the day. I felt uneasy, and maybe I should not have reward the students who followed their teacher’s instruction and listened when I spoke to them about completing the task. I quickly flowed into the next activity, and I was uneasy. I thought about it during the day, and decided I would not repeat the scenario again. However, the next day I explain to my cooperative teacher what happened. She liked that I took the initiative to award students for following her directions while she was gone. The students know that the tasks on the board get done in the morning before anything

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