Essay on Strengths And Weaknesses Of Personality Tests

1464 Words Sep 26th, 2016 6 Pages
Personality tests have been a way for people to figure out their strengths and weaknesses for decades. These tests also help determine jobs that would be suitable for the person based on their personality traits and how they would respond to a situation. The two personality tests that I will be evaluating and testing today are the Jung Typology test and the Holland Code Quiz. Using these two tests, I will be able to discover what traits I have that are my defining features as well as the jobs that are recommended for the selected personality. In the Jung Typology Test, my personality result was stated as an ESTP. This means that I have the traits: extroverted, sensing, thinking, and perceiving. I am, first of all, an extroverted person, meaning that my personality is outgoing and am at peace with a social setting. As compared to introverted, a person that prefers to be with themselves or a small group of people. Next, sensing means that my personality focuses on the here and now rather than what 's in the future. They follow their senses and remember things based on how they experienced them, focusing on what is important to them. Following is the thinking trait, this is based on whether decision making is mainly from the person 's emotions or their logic. For me, I follow more by logic rather than my emotions, I am sure to evaluate each situation and carefully observe the results without letting my own feelings interfere. Finally is the perceiving trait, this is an…

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