Strengthfinder Results And Cognitive Factors

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Summary of StrengthFinder Results & Cognitive Factors
The results of the Clifton StrengthFinder concluded that my top five strengths are strategic, relator, analytical, ideation, and command (Gallup, Inc., 2012). Strategic leaders tend to be problem-solvers that are able to adapt to changes as they come. It is not uncommon for me to be responsible for multiple projects while providing input and guidance on all of them. I also possess the theme of relator. I only communicate with people I know. I have a very small group of friend that share the same beliefs and interest as my family. Analytical leaders find the cause and reason for a situation or process while examining different way that affect the situation (Gallup, Inc., 2012). Ideation
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2-3). Strategic and analytical leaders develop multiple ways to solve the problems and issues of an organization. Cognitive intelligence is very similar to the Strategic and Analytical theme. A leader’s ability to solve problems and think through processes while evaluating risk is critical to the future success of the organization and the development of junior leaders within the organization. Strategic and Analytical theme also relates to the ability to possess farsightedness and conceptual thinking. It is imperative that leader evaluate the risk and reward associated with decisions. Analytical leaders are known for their ability seek out facts, evaluate, and understand the cause and effect of decisions. This is where I think conceptual thinking is critical. Leaders that are conceptual thinkers see the overall perceptive which makes farsightedness possible (Dubrin, 2016, p. …show more content…
My dominant themes are strategic, analytical, and relator. My responsibilities as an Operations Manager have helped me to learn the importance of thinking through processes from start to end. It is also imperative that I am informed on the skills and abilities of junior managers. I just received a new project last week that involves the integration of new explosives materials. I was able to select seven subordinate managers to assist in the integration of the new material. Integration of new explosives requires evaluation of laws and testing which, will also cause changes in policy and procedures. It is important that I select leaders that can be objective and honest to integrate the material into the workforce. I was able to select an excellent team of diverse leaders. I included optimists and pessimists, go-getters, and conceptual thinkers. The combination of the leadership traits will keep the project on task and allow me work on other projects

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