Strategic Thinking Model

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In today’s world, it is almost impossible to discuss any business operation without considering efficiency of leaders’ strategic thinking and strategic development. In the organizations, the path to that goal involves some basic training and practice issues as well as more sophisticated methodologies. There are several strategic principles that can actually improve a business with optimal performance. By linking these principles, a developing organization hub fundamentally brings the market to the fluidity rather than the other way around. The hub transforms the relationship between venues and the investors who want to access them, offering significant benefits to all parties involved.
Strategizing Your Business with Optimal
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Today, strategic thinking “must be developed in a framework designed to maximize performance in global markets” (Hitt, et al, 1991, pg.19). Leaders must be comprehensive and concise on where they are leading their followers. “Our global economy thrusts together people with radically divergent assumptions about leadership” (Plueddermann, 2011, pg.397). A leader will want to optimize organizational performance when making strong strategies. “Strategic making is about a future that does not yet exist and so evidence from the past may be useful but may also be irrelevant” (Ackermann & Eden, 2011, pg.8). Also, “it is common for a group to see the discoveries of feedback as a significant step in effective strategic thinking, even though it seems obvious” (Ackermann & Eden, 2011, pg.52). “Ultimately, strategic leadership is important because of the influence it has on the organization” (Phipps, 2012, pg.180). Interesting, “strategic leaders do not exercise influence in the same way as managers operate at lower levels of the organization” (Jacobs & Lewis, 1992, pg.20). “Because of the scope of influence, their decisions can have profound consequences for the organization” (Phipps, 2012, pg.180). So a leader needs to have that type of strategic behavior as in knowing what right direction to go to. This leader can then become an effective ‘strategic …show more content…
“We facilitated an action planning process that helped the team create processes to monitor their performance; procure resources; and improve their communications, coordination, and decision making” (Van Velsor, et al., 2010, pg.300). Communicating a business vision is of utmost importance. Through our program of communications, business leaders are encouraged to formulate a vision. When a business leader communicates a business vision to his team members, he also needs to communicate his needs, expectations and opinions as well. Having communications as a major important strategy in any type of organization, it needs to be used for expanding opportunities and erecting space for the interaction of team members involved as partners in the organization. It is also used as an approach of coaching and education for team members. Deals and negotiations are carried out smoothly with fluent communication. Leaders and team members are encouraged to articulate about their new ideas that can really get the organization to move forward. It is also important to identify what positive and powerful words for a leader to use in order to persuade his business vision since efficiency of communication is a sure sign of function of leadership. “While there is increasing awareness that organizations with effective communications strategies are usually successful, communication is rarely recognized as a required principal competency and

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