Verizon Leadership Style Analysis

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Leadership Profile
Leadership is an important aspect of both a professional and an organization. A lot of importance is given to the ability of a person to lead a team effectively. The vision of a leader gives purpose for any organization to achieve success. For example, leaders like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson have revolutionized their industries by their vision and leadership abilities. Whether it is Social Media or Business Empires, these leaders have been able to successfully drive organizations, inspire and create trends through their innovation. Most important of all, the impact they have on the economy and financial growth of the company and industry is commendable.
Leaders are individuals who help create
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Followed by which it can be value-added to strengthen effectiveness by gaining further learning, networking, understanding and constantly developing one’s skills. One of the methods to understand leadership better is by analyzing the style of a successful leader. This helps to draw parallels with your own style to identify various aspects of being a leader. It also gives an opportunity to learn strengths and areas of improvement.
This paper is a report on one such leader and his style of leadership. Michael Driscoll, manager at Verizon has been in the industry for more than two decades with the experience of being a leader for more than 12 years. By trying to understand his vision, expectations and contributions to his team’s success, it is possible to analysis his leadership profile. The paper also talks about takeaways, which can be implemented to own leadership style in order to exceed outlooks and increase productivity to achieve success. In parallel, having an impact on the surroundings and resulting in shared success. Michael
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When I interviewed him to understand his thoughts and practices as a Leader, I grasped that he is prominently committed towards his role and responsibilities. A leader’s passion has to be to contribute to the goal and walk that extra mile to collaboratively achieve success.
One of the key aspects is to sustain transparent communication with all the stakeholders. When there is a platform to share feedback and idea periodically, it increases the efficiency of the team and entire process becomes a well-oiled machine. Driscoll’s weekly one on one meeting with his team members scheduled to discuss any thoughts/feedback is a great strategy to be connected with the team. This time allocated gives a platform to discuss personal goals, share feedback and suggestions. This will encourage develop and improve the personal brand. Its periodic implementation speeds up the growth rate.
Early in his career, Driscoll had the opportunity to have mentors who were diverse in both ethnicity and gender. They aided him to develop his own personal brand and Leadership Style. The overall approach they had towards working within a team, the variance in decision-making, keeping it inclusive and diverse increased the prospect of successful deliverables. It gave an opportunity to learn and fill in the

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