Customer Service Representative Case Study

Being a customer service representative, my responsibilities involve ensuring that the best services are provided to the customers at Gander Mountain. In this regard, the most important duty that I have to perform is that the customers are happy with the services provided to them and are equally accommodated for the investment they make for the products offered to them.
The role that I play for taking forward Gander Mountain’s strategy is to first learn about the products that the company offers. I have to be aware of the services that the company is to provide for each sale project. In this regard, I make sure that I communicate with the other members of the team and learn about the plans they have made for the strategy.
My future goals
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My mother was the owner of a small business and I learned a lot from her. It was my mother who inspired me to study further and stand on my own feet.
An MBA degree can give me practical education for providing the best human resource services. It can give me knowledge about business management skills with which I will be able to add to my knowledge of the customers’ and employees needs. The case studies which I would be required to carry out will enhance my experience in the field.

2. What are your primary strengths? What aspects of yourself would you like to strengthen and improve? What do you hope to learn during the MBA Program that will help you refine your strengths and minimize your weaknesses?

My primary strengths include customer service, knowledge in human resource management, forming strategy, documentation, planning, technical expertise, process improvements, complex problem solving, cross-functional collaboration, multi-tasking/prioritization, retention, database management and policy making. These strengths are those which I have developed through my experience at the organizations of Gander Mountain, Advantage Sales & Marketing, and Angels of Mercy Home Health Care,
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By polishing my communication skills, I would be able to develop relationships on the basis of trust. This will help me in making long term professional relationships with my colleagues and customers. Moreover, I would learn more about planning and execution of strategies. This will help me set up goals which will benefit me, my colleagues and my customers in long term.
I believe not only in the strength regarding personal skills but also in the strength of character. I would like to work on both while I study for the MBA degree. Human resource is a field which is the most required by corporate and non-corporate organizations today. I hope to strengthen my skills at handling issues related to the human resource of the organization I will set up after completing my degree.
I hope that through the MBA program, I will be able to learn the skills of leadership, team work, human resource management and customer care. I would learn all the skills I need to build my management consulting firm. I plan to form a company which will provide services in human resource management for the corporate and non-corporate organizations. Moreover, I would like to learn the dynamics involved in extending a business so that it can reach customers internationally. I hope to explore a large number of dimensions for business through MBA

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