Emirates Airline Leadership Style

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The Meaning and Influence Of Leadership At Emirates Airline
1.1 Choosing Emirates
Our group decided to examine Emirates airline because we wanted to investigate the relationship between their current leadership and their growth and success within the airline industry. We would like to investigate whether their success is down to leadership within Emirates and/or to do with location, culture, and financial backing the airline has received.

1.2 Emirates Airline History
Emirates Airline was established in 1985,with a fleet of two leased aircraft and operated within the Persian Gulf alone (Emirates, 2015). The Airline began with backing from Dubai’s royal family and is wholly owned by the Emirates Group (a state owned entity). Emirates
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The benefits of consensus decision making extends further from just benefitting staff members’ motivation and dynamics, as it is also beneficial on a strategic level. A high performing team, fronted by a strong and effective leader, can be a positive force when assessing the decisions and formulating strategy (National Defense University, 2014).

Effective team management leaders actively encourage staff and teams to help them in the long-term visioning process with aids in developing strategy. The teams are able to help the leader understand any complex situations and gain an insight into how to achieve long-term goals, efficiently allocate resources and integrate tactical decisions and operational plans into the departmental or company
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The record deal with Airbus has made Emirates the largest customer to Airbus (Knorr & Eisenkopf, 2007). Emirates have also decided to begin updating their Boeing fleet with the latest version of the 777 aircraft (Beoing, 2015). This decision ensures they have one of the newest and thus safest aircraft fleets in the industry. Remaining current in the industry allows Emirates to offer the latest and most advanced products and services available, whilst reducing maintenance and depreciation costs of their assets.

High on Emirates agenda is maintaining superior customer service (operational strategy). Following their strategy of being the first to introduce products to market, Emirates have had great success in providing free airport chauffeur services, high quality airport lounges, and early check in facilities. Which has caused many competitors to follow suit.

Diversification is also a strategic approach Emirates have decided to take. Establishing ground, engineering, and catering services have allowed Emirates to expand by providing these services for other airlines whilst also gaining more control over their own operations. Being in control of the services their aircrafts rely on allows for operations to run smoother through unification.

Having the latest products, providing high quality and customer service, and expanding into other related businesses reaffirms

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