Stp Market Segmentation Essay

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When it comes to marketing strategies, most people spontaneously think about the 4P (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) – maybe extended by three more Ps for marketing services (People, Processes, Physical Evidence).
Market segmentation and the identification of target markets, however, are an important element of each marketing strategy. They are the basis for determining any particular marketing mix. Basic steps in marketing strategy are as follows:-


Market segmentation is resorted to for achieving certain practical purpose. For example, it has to be
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Higher ground clearance to make the car compatible to the rougher road surface in India.
b. Stiffer rear springs to enable negotiating the ubiquitous potholes on Indian roads.
c. Changes in cooling requirement, with greater airflow to the rear.
d. Higher resistance to dust.
e. Compatibility of engine with the quality of fuel available in India.
f. Location of horn buttons on the steering wheel. As Indian motorists use horn far more frequently than the European where the horns are located on the lever.

4. Stimulating Innovation: -
An undifferentiated marketing strategy that targets at all customers in the total market necessarily reduces customers’ preferences to the smallest common basis. Segmentations provide information about smaller units in the total market that share particular needs. Only the identification of these needs enables a planned development of new or improved products that better meet the wishes of these customer groups. If a product meets and exceeds a customer’s expectations by adding superior value, the customers normally is willing to pay a higher price for that product. Thus, profit margins and profitability of the innovating organizations increase.

5. Makes the marketing effort more efficient and economic: - Segmentation ensures that the marketing effort is concentrated on well defined and carefully chosen segments. After all, the resources of any firm are limited and no firm can normally afford to

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